February 22, 2014

Artist creates new works to raise money for canine cancer research


Gifted pet portrait artist Lauren Taylor of Lauren Taylor Illustrations has created a line of gift products to help raise money for canine cancer research at the Morris Animal Foundation. Her line includes hand made illustrated greeting cards as well as prints of her pencil illustrations and paintings.

” Why do I focus my work on dogs?

 Because they are the best! There is nothing quite like a bond with a pup, and my Golden Retriever has totally stolen my heart… she makes me smile everyday. They have such a great attitude on life, they are so “in the moment” and find happiness in simple things. That is a model I wish humans, including myself, knew how to follow a bit better.

 I have always been inspired to draw strong emotion, so for a long time I focused on facial expressions in humans, with detail on eyes and hands as well to portray certain emotions and feelings. The first time I drew a dog, was my own dog when she was lying on the couch staring at me while I was doing work. At that moment I realized how much emotion dogs capture in their faces and posture as well and became fascinated with making each dog individual in my drawings.

 I am choosing to use those drawings to also raise a bit of money for the Morris Animal Foundation as I think the work they day is so important. I lost my first Golden to cancer and think searching for cures and prevention in canines is important too… they make some of the best friends.”


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