August 4, 2020

Are Small Dogs REALLY More Yippy or is The Owner to Blame?

by Robert Hudson


Small dogs have a reputation for being “yappy” with excessive barking issues. Are they in fact more prone to barking than larger dogs and harder to train? The answer may surprise you.


Scientific studies have shown there is nothing in small dogs genetics that would make them any more likely to bark than larger dogs.   It is a behavioral issue for any dog of any breed or mix or size.


Fixing the behavior or allowing it to continue is the choice of the owner and their responsibility.


The three most common things that create a problem barker are lack of obedience training, lack of engaging activities between the dog and the owner and  inflicting punishment and inconsistent training/corrections.


I do delivery work to people’s homes and every day I meet barking dogs at the doors and frantic people trying to restrain them. I see dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds equally out of control!


Owners of small dogs and very small “tea cups” tend to not exercise their dogs as much in walks and play as owners of larger dogs. People who have barking dogs tend to not be consistent with the training, stopping the behavior at some times and ignoring it at others.   Punishments, scolding or yelling at a dog to stop barking does not work.   All it does is make the dog more nervous or excitable.


But do not worry.  Its not too late! It’s never too late to train a dog.  The high pitched yip, well that is just part of what makes them so cute.


Do you have a yappy dog?  How have you tried to stop it?



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