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Animals in the afterlife conference


We all wonder where our precious animals go when they die.  If only we believed that it was still possible to connect with them, it would bring sweet solace to our grieving hearts.

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

The Holiday Inn

242 Adams Place

Boxborough, MA 02019

Tel: 978-263-8701

Join us at The Conference on Animals in the Afterlife and you’ll hear stories of spirit animals who have been seen, heard, and felt, not only by the people who knew them but by total strangers.  You’ll learn of ghostly apparitions by paranormal pets, and of animals who have seemingly reincarnated to rejoin their human families, months or years after they had transitioned into spirit.

You’ll hear real accounts of animals in spirit who are not only still capable of communicating cherished memories from their lives on earth, but who can also share knowledge of events that transpired after they shed their physical bodies, confirming that they remain aware, interested, and even involved in the lives of the people they loved, and will always love.

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Whether you come as a skeptic or as a believer: join us.  You’ll leave knowing that these afterlife connections are possible for you and the animals who have meant so much to you, no matter how many months or years it’s been since you said good-bye.  

Respected psychic medium Joanne Gerber will wrap up the day with actual spirit readings and a question and answer session.  She will make spontaneous connections with the spirit families of some of the lucky attendees, in the fervent hope that departed spirit animals will come through during this dramatic finale to what is sure to be a thoroughly amazing day. 

You won’t want to miss it.

As soon as you register, you’ll be invited to submit your own story of an encounter with one of your beloved spirit animals, or of a departed animal companion who has reincarnated in a new body and found his way back to you.  We’ll be sharing your stories before and during the Conference, with your permission.

With your paid registration, you’ll be entered in a prize drawing to win copies of keynote speaker Kim Sheridan‘s ground-breaking book, Animals And The Afterlife; complimentary consultations with Animal Communicator Maureen Harmonay; or an original acrylic portrait of the animal of your choice by animal artist Kerrie Ascioli

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