October 24, 2020

Andre the Giant is Living in a Pet Feed Store and is One of The Largest Domestic Cats



Andre the Giant measures 30 inches from the top of his head to the BASE of his tail and weighs close to 30 pounds. He was found as a stray in November and weighed only 16 pounds; definitely underweight for the size of his frame.

He came to the Cat Casita, a no-kill cat shelter in Fairplay, Colorado, run by Animal Rescue of the Rockies and looked very thin according to Kerrie Lynn, the manager of the shelter.

Lynn also manages a store called High Paw Pet Supplies,  that shares the building with the Cat Casita, and has adopted the cat as their mascot.

“He’s the protector of our store,” Lynn said.  Andre roams throughout the store and loves all the attention from people who come to  see him.



The fanfare has actually helped raise the number of adoptions in the shelter. People come in to see Andre and end up leaving with a newly adopted cat.

Andre’s last official weigh in was 25 pounds, but Lynn believes he has put on more weight since then getting him close to 30 pounds, and due to his size and frame she believes he may be crossed with a hybrid breed such as the Savannah.

Andre the Giant’s deep blue eyes and lumbering stature are mesmerizing and he will continue to greet visitors at the store for the rest of his life. “Andre is our celebrity,” Lynn said.

You can follow Andre the giant cat’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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