October 26, 2020

Amazing Tips on How to Make Your Dog and Kids Comfortable Together

While some dogs like the Labrador Retriever and the Boxer may naturally be good with the kids, it takes more time for some breeds to bond with children. It is very satisfying to see your kids get along well with your dog or the new pooch that you just got them. With that, you have a task ahead of you: helping your dogs and kids have a healthy relationship. 

Getting them to be comfortable with each other and around each other will go a long way in ensuring there is no room for aggression. Here are the tips you need to make your dog and kids comfortable together.


  1. Dog training


The moment you adopt a pup, you should have a training plan in place. Training your dog shapes his behavior. In this particular case, the training offered should primarily be focused on kids. If you have kids at home, there is no way that they will avoid having encounters with your dog.

The first thing that you should teach your dog is to love kids. You need to teach him to control aggression and also how to play with the kids. Kids tend to get scared if the dog is aggressive: teach him how to behave when around a kid. It is also essential to make your kids learn the importance of being kind to your dog. This will be the first towards establishing a healthy relationship between your kids and dogs.


  1. Teach your kids how to interact with your dog



You are trying to create a stable relationship between two parties: your dog and the kids. It is, therefore, only fair that you make both parties understand what is expected of them. Once you are done training your dog, you need to work on the kids. The best way to go about this is to involve your kids as you train your dog.

In the long run, a natural relationship based on respect and trust will be established.


  1. Prepare your dog


You are introducing your dog to a world that he has probably never experienced. Therefore, he will be surprised by most of the things that he will come across. You are required to make him ready for the world. Be prepared to teach him something new when the opportunity arises. You should consider carrying treats and dog snacks around more. 


Give him the treats from pupped.com if they handle a situation the right way along the way. Since most of the experiences will be recurrent in the same environment, with time, he will learn everything about what he is expected to do. 


  1. Use training games to encourage healthy coexistence


Playtime is the perfect bonding time for your child and your dog. You could also hit two birds with one stone. Use training to foster cooperation. On top of bonding, training games will help your child and dog to understand better how they should be behaving around each other. 

The perfect games to play will be hide-and-seek, fetch, and tag games. Ensure that these sessions are always supervised, especially in the initial days.



  1. Teach your kid’s body language



Dogs cannot talk; the only way they can express themselves is through barking and body language. Understanding different gestures are crucial for ensuring that your dog is comfortable. Teach them how your dog acts when he likes something and when he does not like it.  Understanding your dog’s preferences is the first step towards living comfortably with each other.

A dog’s behavior needs to be engineered to some extent. Whether or not you will have a good relationship with your dog mostly lies in your hands. The same goes for your kids. With the tips above, nothing can stop you from helping your kid and dog enjoy each other’s company.




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