January 17, 2021

A Cat With a Fuzzy Nose

Willow has a cute little nose that reminds me more of a rabbit than a cat.  Her nose is all fuzzy and and her left nostril is fused shut but she can breathe out of her right nostril just fine. 

Like many divas, Willow’s story is a rags to riches tale: from life on the mean streets to life on easy street in a loving human home with a dear friend named Ella.


Willow shared her story with us: ” I had been walking around not knowing where I was or where I was going- for a long time. Then a human  walked up to me and picked me up. I couldn’t see very well because both my eyes were infected, my nose was bloody, and I felt all icky because I had parasites.”


My vet said she was a 5 week old girl kitten. She weighed 10 ounces. She had intestinal parasites and infections in both her eyes.

I was then taken to a place where nice humans looked at me all over and gave me things to make me feel better and now I am living with my humans and Ella the Boxer.


When I am not cuddling with Ella or sleeping on my humans legs, I like  to wear a hat outside when  my human takes me on a walk on sunny Florida afternoons.

My human tells me I am a healthy four year old princess who gets more mail than they do: because I am special!

You can visit Willow on Facebook and Instagram


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