January 16, 2021

Book Review: Special Paws

Special Paws Book Cover Special Paws
Tracey Kusinitz Altman
May 22, 2019

When Boston finds herself in a shelter, Hunter becomes her friend in the neighboring crate and offers to help her make a very special list. Enjoy reading how these two adorable rescue dogs figure out who they want to live with and why! What does your family list look like?


Special Paws by Tracey Altman, illustrated by Joseba Morales.  Inspired Forever Publishing. Paperback. $14.89

You can read Special Paws in about the time it will take you to read this review. It’s a sweet little book with a slant on shelters that it’s where dogs go until they find the perfect family. Two dogs in neighboring cages talk about what they are looking for in the ideal home. I really loved the illustrations, with the dogs doing adorable stretches, looking pensive, and just being two happy dogs. 

My only tiny criticism is that one of the dogs somehow obtains a pencil and paper for making his list of “must haves.” These are not dressed up cartoon dogs. These are normal dogs waiting in a shelter, so it’s a bit jarring when one of them starts writing a list. I know, I’ve already bought into the idea that they are talking to one another, but that just doesn’t seem as strange as the list making.

Still, it’s a charming little book and a portion of the proceeds goes to animal shelters to promote foster programs


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