March 5, 2021

9 Year Old Girl Starts Business to Raise Money For Service Dog


by Robert Hudson

Nine year old Abbi Broadway was diagnosed with epilepsy and with seizures happening throughout the night, Abbi’s Mom Robin began looking toward training their black lab Preston to be a service dog that alerts to seizures.

“It’s going to cost upwards of $20,000,” Robin says.


To help raise money, Abbi started baking her own healthy dog treats and started selling them at her local Farmers Market and then built a fantastic looking web site  Called Abbi’s to sell them online.

“We’re raising money so I can get a service dog,” Abbi told people at the market.

A week ago Preston crossed over the rainbow bridge, causing a bit of a set back, but not discouraging Abbi.

The 9-year-old will now have to raise even more funds to help get the service dog she needs.

“I’m not sad that I have seizures, it’s just part of my life,” she told reporters.


Would you like to help Abbi? Go to her web site

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