January 19, 2021

9 Tips for DIY Dog Grooming


by Lauretta Williams


There is nothing more precious and relaxing than cuddling with a clean and warm dog every night. However, getting and keeping our lovely dogs clean can be quite challenging, especially since dogs love mud and dirt as much as they adore us. Our adorable pups love playing around and getting dirty; therefore, a proper bath and grooming are mandatory for their health.

A clean and healthy pup can be a better pet and never transmit any infection to your family members. However, taking your dog to a professional groomer can be quite costly and worrisome, especially for the elderly or if you don’t know the groomer. So, why don’t you start grooming your dog at home?

Besides saving you some money, grooming your dog at home can be a great way for you two to bond. Here are some unique DIY dog grooming tips that can protect your family members and dog from ticks and fleas or yeast infections that cause skin irritation and itching.

Always Stay Calm

Your main goal should always be making sure that the grooming process is a stress-free and positive experience for you and your dog. You can start with some short sessions and reward your dog for remaining calm with treats and praises. To help your pet stay calm, you should not restrain them too much. And if you notice any sign of discomfort, you should be ready to stop and continue the next day.  

Brush Your Dog’s Coat Regularly

Brushing your pooch’s coat regularly can help remove excess hair, mats, tangles, and dirt while distributing their skin oil. Some pets need more grooming than others, especially the double-coated dogs and the ones with long hair. These dogs tend to shed regularly and experience seasonal blowouts. Therefore, regular brushing can help you manage their shedding levels and also have less hair to vacuum. On the other hand, hypoallergenic dogs are low-shedding.  

Invest in a Set of Clippers

Before you start grooming your pooch, you must brush its coat and then bath it. After the dog’s coat has dried up, you can try and do something about the long hair that is affecting its appearance. Instead of paying a professional groomer to trim your dog’s fur, why don’t you buy heavy-duty dog clippers? A good clipper should be quiet, easy to use, and have detachable blades. However, make sure you learn how to trim a dog’s coat before you even use the clipper on your pooch.

Stay on Top of the Mats

Matted hair can be very irritating and painful since they can pull at your dog’s skin. Mats tend to occur in the hard to reach places. Mats are quite common in older arthritic dogs that can’t stretch long enough for you to brush all the hard to reach spots. Mats can also be found in double-coated dogs or the ones with long hairs that are rarely brushed.

If the mats are small, you can hold the fur between the mat and skin. And gently pick it apart with a metal comb. You can also loosen the matted hair using corn starch. Rub some corn starch on the mats and loosen them using a brush.


Schedule Regular Baths

Some breeds need more baths and grooming than others. So, make sure you know how often your dog should be washed. Always wash your dog’s coat thoroughly before trimming it and don’t forget to clean behind the ears.

Choose the Right Shampoo

Dog breeds have different types of coats that should be groomed differently and be washed with a specific shampoo. Therefore, make sure you wash your pup with the right shampoo. All dogs with itchy skins or greasy coats should be bathed with the right therapeutic shampoo. Remember, using the wrong shampoo can leave your pet’s coat and skin dry.

Trim the Nails Regularly

Walking on sidewalks and cemented roads can wear down your dog’s nails. However, most of our beautiful dogs spend a huge percentage of their lives indoors. Therefore, you must be ready to trim their nails regularly. When you hear the nails clicking on a wooden floor when they walk, it’s time to clip them.

Long nails can be quite painful for your pet, so you should be careful when dealing with each paw. Start by handling their paws and give them a treat when they remain calm. You can then introduce your dog to the nail clipper and monitor its reaction. Make sure your dog is comfortable with the nail clippers before you proceed.

Avoid the Quick

The quick is a collection of blood vessels and nerves found in a dog’s nails. The quick tends to grow with the nails, so make sure you don’t cut it when trimming your dog’s nails. It would help if you always make small cuts when trimming the nails, as you’re looking out for a black (for dark nails) or pink (for white nails) spot.

The black or pink spot serves as a cue that you are close to the quick and should stop trimming. If you accidentally cut the quick and the nail starts bleeding, you should pat it with a styptic powder and call it a day. You can continue trimming them the next day after it the healing process has started.

Clean Your Dog’s Eyes and Ears

It is very easy for dog owners to forget about the ears and eyes when grooming their dogs. So, make sure you pay attention to these areas. It would help if you cleaned your dog’s ears at least once every month using ear cleaners.

Your pooch’s eyes are prone to infections; therefore, you should check them every week. Remember, clean and healthy eyes are always clear and bright with minimal redness. If you notice some colored discharge coming from your pooch’s eyes, you should take it to the vet.  

Final Thoughts

The general health, hygiene, and appearance of your pet are indicators of how much you love your dog. For that reason, you should do everything humanly possible to make sure your dog is healthy and well-groomed. After all, you are the only person who knows what your beloved pooch needs. So, make sure you learn how to groom and brush your dog regularly.

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