9 Cats Saved From Hoarder Like Conditions


JACKSON COUNTY, MI –  Cascades Humane Society have rescued nine cats from what they described as a “hoarding situation.”

Cascades workers  rescued the cats about a week ago by baiting traps baited from  a trailer park in Jackson County, Michigan.

“We got the call from the trailer park manager after the trailer was abandoned for 30 days,” said Heather Leszczynski, Humane Society Executive Director. “We were able to rescue the live cats with food and traps over the course of a week.”

Three dead cats on the premises when workers assessed the situation.

“It’s a really sad story,” she said. “People should realize they have options in these kinds of situations. We accept surrendered animals.”

Of the nine cats, two have been adopted and one has been designated to a farm to be a “barn cat,” Leszczynski said. One remaining cat would qualify for adoption with the remaining delegated to be barn cats.

“Some just don’t have the temperaments to be adopted by a family,” she said.

The abandoned trailer was left unheated and the cats were left with no food according to a press release.

“The house was full of trash, cat feces and empty cat food containers,” it read. “Staff was overwhelmed with the foul odor and had to be careful when moving around the property to navigate around the trash.”

Workers were able to rescue one cat on the first day before setting up traps. One cat escaped when a maintenance worker entered and was not found, Leszczynski said.

The cats have been vaccinated and microchipped. Those that needed it were spayed and neutered.

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