June 16, 2021

9 Best Dog Breeds Perfect For Kids


By Buster Boy


Dogs are a great addition to any family. They provide joy and companionship to people of all ages. However, it’s vital you select the best dog breed that’ll get along with your kids, and become a loyal and long-lasting member of the family. Not all dogs are the same; some can be very friendly and patient around kids, while others are more suitable for couples or families with teenagers.


If you’re looking to choose the best dog breed for your kids, consider these 9 dog breeds:



  • Poodles


The poodle breed comes in three types: toy, miniature, and standard—toy being the smallest, and standard being the largest. They are smart and highly social dogs with ample energy to match the playful spirit of your children. Due to their typically gentle nature, they are rarely irritable and reactive, making them good companions for all ages.

As far as cuddly dogs go, poodles are a great choice. Children with allergies will also be comfortable around these dogs because they do not shed.



  • Newfoundland


Newfoundlands are huge dogs, which may make you rule them out as the wrong choice for your kids. However, they have a gentle and loving nature, despite their size—a desirable trait around children. They’re also highly trainable, giving them the edge over other dog breeds.

Training can bring out the protective side of these dogs, making them great watchdogs as well. One thing to remember with newfoundlands, or newfies, is their long coats require constant grooming and maintenance. Before you commit to a newfoundland, make sure you’re prepared to pamper your pooch regularly. 



  • Bulldogs


Bulldogs are one of the most unlikely features in a list of dogs suitable for kids. Despite their harsh appearance, they’re a great choice for many families due to their ability to relax around kids and almost everyone. They never rush and are ready to follow your kid’s lead as they chase them around the garden or run after a toy.  The highly protective tendencies of bulldogs make them good guard dogs, while their lack of aggression still ensure they’re a perfect fit for your kids.



  • Labrador Retrievers


Labrador retrievers are incredibly popular family dogs for a reason. They’re well known for their playful, friendly, obedient, and loving nature. They’re also highly intelligent and quick to learn commands. Labradors are highly energetic dogs, which is a good thing around kids.

They come in different colors but all share the same physical features, including a high stamina and strength. Your kids may even find them even more relatable for their tendency to make friends with neighborhood pets and humans.

Boston Terrier



  • Boston Terriers


Distinguished by their white and black markings, Boston terriers are suitable for families with kids. Their affectionate nature will endear your kids, and their high level of sociability and intelligence makes them great family pets. They also require a very low amount of fur maintenance, compared to long-haired breeds.

Cool Pug



  • Pugs


Pugs are similar to bulldogs but tend to be a little more active and energetic in nature. The extra energy to spare makes them a good fit for children of all ages. An intelligent breed, they require a good amount of training but are also quick to learn. Pugs are naturally protective—a feature that can come in handy at home. 



  • Border Collie


Border collies are another great choice in a home with kids. They’re easy to train and highly predictable, as well as extremely well behaved and friendly. They tend to be easy-going with children and are quite protective without becoming aggressive.

As border collies are highly energetic, they’ll need regular exercise and stimulation. This makes them great pups for kids to play with. They’re a long-coated breed, so they require regular grooming.


  • Beagles


Beagles are intelligent dogs with highly sensitive noses. They’re known for their high level of energy; ever happy, friendly and smart, they love the outdoors and a whole lot of exercise.

The breed is highly social and prefers to have company, so they shouldn’t be left unattended very often. They love to eat, so be ready to provide a good amount of dog food and treats. Take note though, they shed quite often, so they will need frequent grooming.


  • Basset Hounds


Basset hounds are best suited to families who live life at a slower pace. Sleepy eyed and well-tempered, they’re happy to laze around the house. They have especially big and floppy ears which might endear your kids to them even more. Their adaptation to training is not as easy as with other breeds. However, when they eventually learn, they are great, lovable dogs.



Choosing a dog for your family with kids takes careful consideration. Your lifestyle, whether active or slow, should be taken into consideration when assessing different breeds. You should select a dog that’s suitable for your family based on the dog’s energy, size, coat maintenance and a host of other factors.  

This will ensure the new addition to your family is a perfect fit. 

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