March 5, 2021

8 Things You Should Consider When Grooming Your Pets


Having pets around the house can bring a person much joy. For one, you always have someone who gets excited each time you come home from work, a pair of paws to follow you around the house, and, sometimes, even surprises you with unexpected cuddles. Like you, your pets also need to stay healthy through exercise, proper nutrition, regular check-ups, and grooming.

Grooming your pet is just as important as regular visits to the vet. Since pets tend to stick close to you wherever you are in the house, you’d want them to be in their best appearance and scent. You have two options in grooming your pet: do it yourself or take your pet to a professional groomer, such as

While grooming your pet on your own may sound like a great option, as it’ll help save you from those professional grooming fees, it can be time-consuming, and not everyone has the luxury of time on their hands. Because of this, leaving the grooming to the pros becomes a more popular option, especially since some owners can run a few errands while they leave their pets at the salon.

Before you take your pet to the nearest professional groomer, here are some things you should consider:

  1. Your Pet’s Age

If you’re grooming your pet for the first time, it’s usually best to start as early as 12-16 weeks old for puppies. You may have heard people saying that it’s better to wait until the puppy’s sixth month, however, starting them younger has its benefits. For one, the puppies will become more familiar with the feeling of being groomed, making their next grooming session easier.

When puppies start getting groomed at an early age, they wouldn’t get anxious or stressed whenever other people handle or touch them. Usually, pet groomers start with something light just to familiarize themselves with the task to be done. These include bathing, ear cleaning, light brushing, and minor trims. Compared to adult dogs, your puppies are also loosely-restrained while being treated.

In order to help your puppy to be more accustomed to the grooming process, you can also start training them gradually. You can do simple activities at home like brushing them often, playing with their paws, and taking them out to socialize.

  1. Your Pet’s Breed

The approach to grooming your pet also depends on their breed. Your pet’s breed usually determines their size, type of coat, temperament, and other qualities that can help a groomer deal with them better. Some breeds require special needs, and groomers are usually trained to meet these needs and handle them well.

For example, certain breeds have a bad temperament, so some groomers offer express services so these types of pets don’t stay too long in the grooming center. Thus, they don’t get upset and throw tantrums.

Groomers also have different treatments for breeds depending on their coat type. Whether it be long, short, medium, double, single, rough, smooth, or curly, they each require their own type of care. 

Apart from the coat, the size also plays a big role as the service and equipment vary depending on your pet’s size, too. 

Taking your pet to a grooming professional makes it easier for you since they have all the treatment and equipment that your dog’s breed requires.

  1. Your Pet’s Shots

It’s important that your pet is up to date on their shots. Some shots are required yearly, but recently, it’s believed that yearly shots are no longer necessary since it can be done every three years. 

Usually, updated shots are required before a grooming facility takes in your pet. It varies per shop, but it’s a good idea to have your pet vaccinated for rabies and bordetella. Doing so prevents any untoward incidents during the grooming process, and your pets are kept safe and healthy.

  1. Groomer’s Facility

Before you entrust your pet to a professional groomer, you want to make sure that they have the best equipment and facilities for the job. You can drop by any pet grooming center to inquire, and you can also take the time to inspect their facilities while you’re at it. Since it’s your pet that you’re talking about, you want to ensure that they get only the best.

A place that’s clean, bright, has a cheerful atmosphere, and is filled with accommodating and friendly staff is the ideal pet grooming center for your pet. You and your pet want to feel welcome and safe in the groomer’s facility, so avoid going for places that are dark or have outdated equipment. Areas like that are more likely to make you stressed and unsafe.

If you want to be certain that you’re choosing the best grooming center, you can also look at each facility’s online page and check for reviews.

Once you’re settled with a specific grooming facility, you can take your pet with you and visit prior to their scheduled appointment. This way, they become familiar with the place, and they won’t be shocked or stressed the next time you bring them in for their appointment.

  1. Groomer’s Experience

Aside from the facility, you also have to verify your groomer’s experience. Pet groomers typically have no strict educational background requirements, so anyone can be a pet groomer as long as they go through about 6-10 weeks of training. Even so, some pet groomers take their job more seriously and go through extensive training and apprenticeship to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge and skills.

You can always check with the facility and ask for their pet groomer’s credentials. This way, you’ll have the assurance you need, and you know that you’re leaving your pet in good hands.

  1. Services Offered

It’s important to know what type of services a grooming center offers. If you’re going to stick with a single pet groomer for a long time, you want to go with one that offers a wide variety of services. Consider it like a pet spa, where your dogs or pets can enjoy a day getting pampered.

Your pet’s groomer should be skilled in handling your pet and giving them baths, a haircut, cutting their nails, and cleaning their ears, eyes, and nose. 

Also, you may want to take advantage of any extra service that they offer for pets. Some pet groomers offer additional specialty services like dental cleaning, daycare for pets, and pet boarding.

  1. Owner Participation

You may have taken your pet to a professional groomer, but maybe you’re just to attached to your pet that you can’t leave them alone. It’s a normal thing to feel, and if you really want to stay and watch your pet go through the whole grooming process, you can ask the grooming facility for permission. Hence, check if they allow owners to watch their pets or, better, if they allow owners to help groom pets, too.

Your pet will surely be happy to see you while they’re getting groomed. However, this reason is also why some grooming centers don’t allow owners to stay and watch. Sometimes, pets can act up when they see their owner, and they might even try to break free from the groomer to be with their owner. This can cause accidents that lead to your pet getting cuts, scratches, or any other injuries.

So, remember to ask, but don’t expect. After all, what’s important is that you get your pet groomed and they end up clean, safe, and unharmed.

  1. Cage Dryers

If you’ve done your research when it comes to pet grooming, you may have encountered articles that mentioned unfortunate incidents that are caused by pets being left unattended in cage dryers. Most of them happen due to carelessness and neglect of the attending groomer. Also, some breeds are not meant for this type of equipment as it can harm them.

It’s natural to be hesitant when it comes to cage dryers. So, if you’re really bothered by them, you can request for the groomer to avoid using this for your pet. Instead, you can ask them to use traditional methods in keeping your pet warm and dry. Groomers will likely understand your sentiments and accommodate requests that’ll help keep your pet safe.

Do remember that not all grooming centers have incidents like that, so if you’re going to entrust your pet to a groomer, you have to trust the service, equipment, and results that they provide.


Keeping your pet healthy, clean, and safe should be included in your priorities. Having a pet is a big responsibility, and, just like you, they also have needs. It’s your job as a fur-parent to ensure your pet’s needs are met.

When it comes to grooming, there are several factors you have to consider to get the best service for your pet. Some of these include your pet’s age, breed, grooming facility, groomer’s experience, and services offered. 

If you want a professional groomer to give you and your pet a stress-free grooming experience, contact a professional pet groomer and get an estimate today!


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