August 4, 2020

Wispers in the Dark-Hallow Eve-a poem



On this hallowed eve

The cat takes his leave

Cross bodies in sleep

Silently he creeps


A window ajar Lets his paws go far

He’s nothing to dread

This night of undead


Whispers in the dark

His ears prick up – hark!

With night he’s at home Wherever he roams


Cross the pale moon sky

He watches on high

For a rider grim

Who will transport him


To the meeting place

Where those in disgrace

Wail out with regret

The fates they have met


He catalogs each

In hopes he can reach

The living before

They reach the same shore


In early morn dreams

He purr-spers it seems

“Live life very well So no evil spell


Can overcome good

Be kind, understood?

Take charge of your fate

Before it’s too late!”

Poem in it’s entirety by Linda Whitefeather

Reading by Robert Hudson

Mixing by Robert Hudson

Music-stock royalty free

© L. Whitefeather, 2017

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