June 16, 2021

6 Tips on Buying Dog Toys for New Owners

by Steffy Alen


Considering the long list of recalled toys for children, it’s a wonder we don’t do the same for our pets. Are all the toys at the pet store really safe for dogs to chew on and play with?

Sadly, the answer is a resounding, “No.” Additionally, dogs, like people, have their own personal preferences. Different breeds have different personalities, and toy shopping must be done with this in mind. Dogs need toys to express their natural instincts, so try to buy what’s right for them.

When you go out buying dog toys, keep the list below in mind. 

  1. Keep It Non-Toxic

Sadly, no one regulates what’s in dog toys. It’s best to go online and do a bit of research to find reputable dog toy brands and stick to those when out shopping. 

Some common toxins in dog toys are lead, chromium, and cadmium. Testing individual toys is an expensive and time-consuming process, so it’s easier to stick with the brands people trust. 

  1. Rope Toys Can Be Dangerous

Rope toys are a kind of tug toy that dogs love, and allow the dog to engage with its owner. Rope is a common material for this type of toy, but maybe not ideal for new or busy dog owners. 

Rope toys can quickly degrade and the dog can easily ingest some of the rope. This can lead to serious and expensive gastrointestinal problems that can be life-threatening. Instead, look for tugs toys made of leather or another sturdy material.

  1. Go for the Ball Toys

Dogs love ball toys. The key to buying the perfect ball toy is to get the right material and size for the dog’s mouth. Tennis balls and rubber balls are usually durable enough for the dog to chew on. 

  1. Stay Away From Squeakers and Bells

The sound of a squeaky toy can help keep a dog’s interest, but it might not be in the dog’s best interest. These toys have tiny parts that the dog may eventually swallow.  

You can find more appropriate toys in this article.

  1. Don’t Get Soft Toys

Soft toys are usually a nightmare for dog owners. They’re quickly shredded to pieces, which the dog may consume and get sick— or worse.

Additionally, soft toys and plushies often look like children’s toys or even pillows to a dog. They may start chewing on things they shouldn’t.  

  1. Avoid Toys That Look Like Household Items

It’s funny to give a dog a shoe-shaped rubber toy until they mistake a real shoe for it. These types of dog toys basically encourage misbehavior. And it’s not even the dog’s fault because it’s difficult for them to distinguish between the two. 

Instead of a joke toy, stick with the other options on this list that will keep the dog and the dog owner happy.

Buying Dog Toys

Buying dog toys is a bit more difficult than it sounds. Even though this list has plenty of prohibited items, there are still tons of options out there when buying toys online. If you know a new dog owner, make sure to warn them of the perils out there on dog toy shelves that they may not be aware of.

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