October 24, 2020

6 Steps to Keep Your Cat Smart

by Robert Hudson


1. Start young-  Engage with your cat as young as possible on a daily basis


2. Develop a routine.  Designate a time that you can spend with your cat every day and be consistent. The more consistent you are in engaging with your cat on a daily basis throughout its life, the more likely the cat will stay active in its golden years.  Wand toys, food puzzles, and simple homemade toys such as socks filled with catnip will all stimulate the mind, prey drive,  as well as keeping the cat physically fit.

Photo by Robin Mudge, Dexter at 8 weeks

3. Keep your cat fit and trim Overweight cats tend to not engage in physical and mental stimulation opting instead to spend most of their time sleeping. Putting their food in a place where they have to climb to get it will help,  as well as putting food inside something that will hold it and hide it so your cat has to search for it.

4. Give your indoor cat a taste of the outdoors  Cats take in the world through their senses, and while they are much  safer and live longer if kept inside, there are ways to fill their senses with the smells, sounds, and sites of the outdoors. Outdoor enclosures provide the outdoor experience  while keeping the cat safe. There are also window based enclosures that give your cat a place to roost with the wind, smells and a panoramic view of the outdoors while never leaving your home! Bird feeders by the window provide hours of entertainment.


5. Build a play area.  Create an area of your home as a play room for your cat with multiple places to hide, climb, search, explore and play. Cat trees, boxes, bags, toys, tunnels, together create an obstacle course and playground that will keep your cat busy and exercise your cats brain.


6. Introduce a younger companion.  As your cat reaches its golden years and slows down, a younger and more energetic kitty will help to engage your senior.


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