September 24, 2020

5 Ways to Improve Your Cat’s diet



by Mary Nielsen


Cats are carnivores and their ancestors grew up in the wild eating raw meat. Granted, that’s a bit impractical now by trying to go out hunting for your cat, yet a balanced diet is extremely important for overall cat health.

So, to keep your cat happy, healthy and purring, here are 5 ways to improve their diet.


A good way to treat your cat is by giving them cooked veggies, and you can introduce them into your cat’s diet, either as treats or by mixing them into their regular cat food. Carrots, squash, broccoli and green beans, to name a few, are excellent choices. Just make sure that meat and meat proteins make up the bulk of a cat’s diet, but a few veggies thrown in are certainly good.

Cooked or Steamed Meat

Meat is the name of the food game for cats, and you can give them treats or even full meals of cooked or steamed meat. Yes, in the wild cats ate meat raw, but raw meat may have some undesirable side effects like worms or parasites, so always thoroughly cook or steam the meat treat first.

Cooked Eggs

Another good source of protein for your kitty are cooked eggs. Whether they are boiled or over easy doesn’t matter, as long as your cats likes to eat them. They are also loaded with B vitamins, are nutritious and easy to serve.

Essential Fatty Acids

One of the healthiest things people can do is to have a balanced diet that includes essential fatty acids. Well, the same holds true for kitty too. The main fatty acid is called Omega 3, and it is found abundantly in all cold water fish products like salmon and krill. There are even Omega 3 supplements available that your cat will love. Besides being heart healthy for them, just like they are for humans, Omega 3s will also improve the shine and luster of their fur, they are also known to slow the spread of cancer, reduce arthritis inflammation, improve eyesight and other benefits.


Probiotics are another name for healthy gut bacteria which aids in digestion. Just like humans, a probiotic supplement will help a cat’s immune system while making their digestive process more efficient.

To keep your cat in the best condition for life, just remember that your cat’s healthy diet depends on you!

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