August 6, 2020

5 Things To Know About Dog Ear Infections

 Written by Natalie Aylett @EoseraInc


Ever wonder why your dog isn’t being itself? It could be because he/she is fighting an ear infection. Much like humans, ear infections can be very painful and uncomfortable for dogs. This article is designed to tell you some important things you need to know about ear infections in dogs.


  1. They could have ear mites: They are several different types of mites than can get inside your dog’s ear and cause infection. They are so small that it is sometimes hard for the human eye to see. If you have a suspicion that your dog may have ear mites, it is suggested to take them to the vet for proper diagnosis.
  2. You may be making the infection worse: If you notice that your dog’s ear is inflamed or sensitive, try cleaning it. But when you do, do not stick anything in the ear canal. Cotton swabs for example can make the infection worse by pushing the fluid further back into their ear canal.
  3. Stop the scratching: Yes of course, dogs scratch. But keep an eye out for any obsessive scratching of their ears. Continuous scratching can turn an irritated ear into an infected one. Anytime skin is broken it gives bacteria a chance to come in and infect the body. Clean the ears and make sure the scratching stops.
  4. Some breeds get ear infections more often than others: All dogs are common victims of ear infections but breeds with long, floppy and heavy ears are more likely to develop ear infections. These dogs can include basset hounds and beagles.
  5. Allergies can be causing the infections: When allergy season is here and having an impact on you, it may be impacting your dog as well! Be sure to watch out to take note if there is anything specific that is causing allergy like symptoms to your pet, it could save them the discomfort of an infection.


Ear Infections Are (Ear)itatting!!

No one likes a nasty ear infection, not even dogs! It is important to remember that dogs suffer from these infections even more common than we do sometimes. Remember these 5 things next time when dealing with your sick pup.



Natalie Aylett attends University of Texas at Arlington where she is studying Public Relations and Advertising. She works at Eosera, Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas

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