November 27, 2020

5 Signs Your Cat is Happy

by Dawn White


Hello, everyone! I’m Lola, of Lola The Rescued Cat. My sister, Lexy, and I are very happy cats and we love our mom, our home, and our lives.  Mommy says she knows we’re happy, even though we can’t tell her (because she doesn’t speak meow) so this gave me an idea for an article. I thought I would put together some signs that tell you your cat is a happy cat. (I think this is such a brilliant idea! But that’s just my opinion.)


Being Talkative


When your cat is being very chatty, she is telling you that she’s one happy kitty.  I chose this to be number one because I am one chatty cat and I just love to meow with Mommy! I talk to her all the time about everything. I even have different meows – one for saying hello, one for asking her to pick me up, one for asking a question. You name it, I have a meow for it.

It’s important to know your cat when it comes to this sign.  Higher pitched sounds are generally happy, while lower pitched sounds can mean frustration or even illness. I also have a meow that says I’m not feeling well, so when Mommy hears this one she knows something is wrong.  Now, not all cats are chatty like me. Take Lexy for example. She doesn’t meow very often, but when she does she has a happy meow.  If you have a less chatty cat who suddenly starts meowing their heads off, be sure to take a good look to rule out that there is something wrong.



Lying on their back with their paws in the air. 


OK, I chose this to be number 2 because I do this all the time, too. Why is this a sign of a happy cat? Because it shows we trust you and we’re very relaxed around you.

Our bellies are a very vulnerable area so when we show them to you we are giving you the ultimate compliment.  And a belly rub is just icing on the cake – for some of us. (Warning: don’t rub Lexy’s belly. It won’t be pretty.)

A Happy Tail


A happy cat has a happy tail. In case you’re wondering what this looks like, I’ll tell you.  A happy tail is straight up in the air, or it’s the question mark tail.   And if the base of your cat’s tail quivers (like mine does), it means we’re super happy.



Bringing you gifts

This is Lexy’s favorite sign. Cats are by nature great hunters, so when we bring you a little gift, it means we’re sharing our prize with you because you’re family and we want to provide for you. It also means we hold you in high regard! Now, sometimes our gifts may be a real mouse or a lizard. When this happens it’s best to remember not to reprimand your feline friend (then you won’t have a happy cat.) Lexy often brings her toy mouse or fish to Mommy, and Mommy always says thank you.  Sometimes we both get her a real water bug. She still says thank you because she’s glad we killed it!


Giving you head butts, cheek rubs, and the slow blinks.

If a happy cat could hug you, they would.  So instead we give you head butts, cheek rubs and slow blinks (also known as kitty kisses.)


A sure sign of happiness is when a cat rubs her body against yours.  Lexy’s head bonking time is always in the morning.  She follows Mommy into the bathroom, sits on the sink and bonks away.  She even paws at Mommy’s arm to get her attention so she can head bonk her.  How sweet is that? I’m always rubbing my face against Mommy, and of course I lick her, too.  All the time. I just love giving her kisses.  Lexy has been giving Mommy blinks since not long after she took over the house moved in.


So, there you have it.  Five signs that your cat is a happy cat. (There are lots more, but these are my favorites.) How do you know your cat is happy?



By day Dawn White is a Behavioral Psychologist (working with adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism) and a Licensed Massage Therapist. By night she is the award-winning writer and blogger behind Lola The Rescued Cat. ( Lola, Lexy and Dawn promote advocacy for adoption and animal rights, educate their readers on how to give their cats the best lives ever, and entertain with their wit and escapades.


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