5 Important Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe



During the busy and stressful holidays we are often distracted and we may accidently put our dog in harms way. Here are five things to keep in mind to keep your dog safe and comfortable:


  1. Your dog travels inside the vehicle with you. Do not place your dog in the bed of a pickup, or in a crate strapped to the roof. This is both cruel and dangerous.
  2. Your dog rides in his own safe space. Do not drive with your dog on your lap, or hanging out a window. Your dog should be in crate made specifically for car travel, and the crate strapped in; or in a travel harness and harness buckled securely.
  3. Your dog should always wear a collar and ID with your current info. Check your tag before you go on a trip to make sure your phone number is clearly readable.
  4. Your dog should be microchipped and registered with your info in a database like found.org, which is always free.
  5. Keep your dog on leash at all times when stopping for potty breaks. Even if your dog is not a “runner,” an unfamiliar place can unsettle him enough to make him unpredictable.

For more great tips on travelling safely with your pet, check out: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2011/05/safe-road-tripping-with-pets/index.htm.


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