June 16, 2021

5 Facts of Buying Cat Food Every Cat Owner Should Know


Are you a new cat owner and looking for the best kitten food?

Before you start researching brand and ingredients, make sure to talk to your vet. They’ll recommend the best food for your cat’s age and health condition and let you know if there are special dietary requirements you should follow.

For example, baby kittens have different dietary needs than adult cats, and may even still need milk to thrive. Also, not all cat foods are made of quality ingredients, so you should know how to read the labels.

Wondering what to look for in cat food to make sure your kitten is well-fed? Here are the 5 most important things to pay attention to.

  1. Read the Ingredients Carefully

To guarantee your cat will eat quality food, read the labels carefully. Most wet cat foods contain only meat and water, but dry kibble may contain some carbs to hold the other ingredients together.

The best cat food ingredients are:

  • Meat (chicken, turkey, salmon, lamb, beef)
  • Organs (heart, liver, kidney) – all sources of Taurin, an essential fatty acid for cats
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Fats (chicken fat or other quality oils)

The order of ingredients indicates how much there is of each. Protein should always be listed first, followed by organs, fats, vitamins/minerals, and water.

  1. Buy Age-Appropriate Cat Food

Healthy adult cats can eat almost any brand of wet cat food. Senior cats will need a specific diet, especially if they have health or mouth cavity problems.

Ask your vet for specific details on what to feed a kitten based on its age and health. Some kitties are born prematurely or have health problems that require a special diet. Don’t give kittens adult cat food; it has ingredients that can cause digestive problems in sensitive kitten tummies.

  1. Avoid Cat Food with Carbohydrates

Cats are obligate carnivores and will not survive on a vegetarian or vegan diet. They don’t need carbohydrates in their diet and can develop allergies to corn, grain, or starches. When choosing cat food, make sure it doesn’t contain any carbs or choose one with cat-friendly carbs like green peas or sweet potatoes.

  1. Explore Organic and Natural Options

Organic cat food will be labeled properly according to USDA regulations. This doesn’t always mean it’s 100% organic but that it contains some organic ingredients. Similarly, natural cat food means the ingredients are processed, but not completely altered.

Organic and natural are the best options if you want to avoid artificial additives, preservatives, colors, flavor enhancers and flavorings in your cat’s food.

  1. Kibble (Dry Food) vs. Wet/Raw Food

Though kibble is easier to serve and clean up, it shouldn’t be a full meal for your cat. Dry cat food contains grains and carbs that can upset the cat’s stomach and cause allergies. This is why it’s best to give kibble rarely, and only as a reward or a treat.

These Tips Will Help You Become the Best Cat Owner of Your Feline Friend!

As a new cat owner, you want the best food and nutrients for your kitty. These tips will help you learn what to look in cat food so your furry friend is well-fed and happy.

If you want more tips on caring for your pet, check out some of the other articles on our website.


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