March 1, 2021

4 Tips to Prevent Cats from Pulling Out Their Hair


Cats are notorious for their furballs. It’s simply a way of life for them and something that comes with owning a cat. However, there is a point where your cat’s hair problem may be excessive due to them pulling it out themselves. 


If you’ve noticed that your cat has been biting or scratching to the point where their fur is being pulled out, it may be time to pay closer attention. The first step to putting an end to your cat’s fur pulling is to figure out why they’re doing it in the first place. 


If the Problem is Fleas… 


The most common source of your cat’s hair pulling is probably a result of fleas or any other type of parasite that has made a home in your cat’s fur. If your cat is feeling itchy or any other sort of discomfort as a result of these parasites, their first instinct will be to bite and pull at their fur.


If this is the problem, the solution would be to first take your cat to a vet. Chances are they’ll be able to prescribe your feline friend with a medication to kill the parasites. The medication may also prevent further parasites from attaching themselves to your cat’s fur, which will ensure your cat stops ripping its fur out in the future. 


If the Problem is Allergies…


If you’ve checked your cat for bugs and parasites and found none, but your cat continues to bite and pull at their hair, the issue could be allergies. Although allergies in cats aren’t too common, they can appear every once in a while and can be caused by a change in food, litter, or even a bacterial infection. 


The only way to find out if your cat is allergic to something is to take it to the vet to get some tests done. These exams will help the vet isolate the exact protein that’s causing the allergy and therefore treat it properly. 


Most allergy tests on cats are done via a skin test or scrape that won’t hurt your pet. Treatment is typically not as invasive and can come in the form of drops or pills. 


If the Problem is Excessive Grooming…


It’s no secret that cats love to groom themselves as often as possible. Some cats however, love to do this more than others and in turn could begin to pull out their fur excessively as a result. You can’t do much about keeping your cat from grooming itself, but you can provide it with a better alternative.


A cat brush, for example, is a great distraction for your cat that will not only allow it to groom itself, but will help your cat do so safely. The ridges on this cat brush provide the perfect personal cat massager while simultaneously getting rid of any knots in their fur.


Even better, your cat will no longer resort to pulling out their fur to groom themselves. 


If the Problem is Stress…


 A cat’s life may not seem very stressful at all, but truth be told, our feline friends can get as stressed out as we humans do. As a result, they end up biting off more than they can chew— literally. 


If you see your cat pulling its fur out, there could be a psychological reason behind it. If you’ve recently moved, welcomed a new animal into your home, or have separated from your cat for long periods of time, chances are your cat is feeling the effects of it.


Despite their indifferent demeanor, cats are extremely sensitive creatures and are well in tune with their environment. If they sense even the slightest shift in it, they could react negatively. 


If this is the problem, a visit to your vet may be a good solution. They’ll be able to provide you with some more insight and give you advice about what steps to take next. If your cat’s condition is severe enough, it isn’t uncommon for vets to prescribe them medication to help mellow them out. 




As a cat owner, you want to make sure that your pet is as happy and healthy as it can be. This means keeping an eye out on them for any self-destructive behavior like hair pulling and correcting the issue as soon as possible. 


If you believe your cat’s health may be at risk whatsoever, be sure to seek help from a vet as soon as possible. 

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