4 Cats Compared to Grumpy Cat

Over the past couple of years, the internet media has been determined to name a cat as the new Grumpy Cat. How many do you remember? We found four including the latest want to be celebrity.



Garfi lives in Turkey with Hulya Ozkok and made a splash in 2014 as the new Grumpy cat. After a brief viral frenzy, Garfi has been pretty quiet.

garfi3 garfi2 garfi1



atchoum5 atchoum4

Atchoum was declared the new Grumpy cat in February of this year.  The truth is Atchoum is just an ordinary cat that happens to have a birth defect known as hypertrichosis, which is an abnormal excess of hair on the body. In humans it is also known as werewolf syndrome. Perhaps the more appropriate tag line would be Atchoum the Werewolf Cat! His owner Nathalie in Quebec, Canada, says Atchoum is just like any other cat : sleeps, eats, sleeps, and plays.



sauerkrautcurrent sauerkraut-2 Sauerkraut-1

Sauerkraut was first hailed as the new Grumpy cat in 2014, and then again about a month ago. She actually is a special needs cat with several birth defects that need special care and attention- something not mentioned by most internet media, but discussed in great detail during our podcast interview.

      interview Saurcraut


Pompous Albert

PompousAlbert7 PompousAlbert3 PompousAlbert

Pompous Albert is the latest nomination as the new Grumpy Cat. Albert is a Selkirk Rex breed cat which gives him the lamb like appearance. His biggest following is on Instagram. It has not been disclosed where in the world this cat resides and who his humans are, but each photo in Instagram and Facebook is accompanied by a humorous quips that suggest he has a grumpy and pretentious atttitude.


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