April 15, 2021

4 Boring Things I Do That Excite My Cats

By Angie Bailey


I work from home, so there’s usually at least one cat nearby at all times. And when I get up and move to a different room in the house, they follow me. They’re my fuzzy little shadows, and I just love it.

As my day progresses, I find there are certain things I do that excite my cats. To me they’re completely mundane actions, but Saffy, Cosmo and Phoebe would prefer to freeze those moments in time because they’re beyond titillating in their eyes.

Here are 4 mundane things I do that excite my cats:

Saffy looking through screen door

Saffy looking through screen door

#1 Opening doors or windows to the outside

I live in Minnesota, so when the temperatures have risen above the Arctic blasts of winter, we’re all ready to open the doors and windows and let the fresh air permeate the house.

Nobody, however, is more excited than the cats. Sure, they enjoy smelling the air, but they also move just a little closer to the birds, squirrels and chipmunks. This is like prime-time action for them. Forget about HBO, just open the windows and let me get a good look at those sparrows at the feeder. Then they make that awesome chirping noise that completely cracks me up every time. Yes, the cats come a-runnin’ when the doors and windows open. Heck, it’s better than HBO for me.

Cosmo sitting in the bathroom
Cosmo sitting in the bathroom

#2 Showering

My mother calls Cosmo my Secret Service agent because he not only follows me, he often walks ahead of me, sniffing around, ensuring the area is safe … because I live in such a suburban danger-zone, right? He’s a riot.

He also goes absolutely nutso when I take a shower. He must join me in the bathroom at every opportunity. If I don’t pick him up and bring him with me, he pounds at the door, and nobody wants to step out of the shower to open the door for a cat.

Once positioned between the shower curtain and liner, he meows at me and bats at my soapy legs. And then he goes to town licking the water droplets in the tub after I step out of the shower. Good times.

Cosmo hears me coming home

Cosmo hears me coming home

#3 Coming home

Cosmo and Phoebe become extraordinarily excited when I walk through the front door after being away from the house. Saffy chooses to stay asleep: What’s with all the hoopla? I knew she was coming back. Cosmo runs circles around the kitchen and then drops and rolls. Phoebe stands beside her food dish and meows. So are they really excited to see me? I think they’re far more thrilled at the prospect of food.

Cosmo hears cereal

#4 Pouring cereal

Anything that sounds like kibble being poured into a bowl sends all felines racing into the kitchen — the biggest fake-out being cereal. I love my Cheerios, and find I have to quietly (stop laughing) pour them into my plastic bowl or Saffy, Cosmo and Phoebe think they’re getting a second breakfast. Is it possible to quietly pour Cheerios into a plastic bowl? Not so much, but I still try to do it every morning. So once a day they realize the dream of the second breakfast is nothing but a dream; however, they’re suddeny stricken with amnesia or something and give a repeat performance the very next morning. It’s like Groundhog Day, and I live with three fuzzy little Bill Murrays.

 What do you do that excites your cats?

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