March 1, 2021

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need? A Basic Guide



With 63.4 million American households owning at least one pet pooch, we’re a veritable nation of dog lovers! And who can blame us? They’re cute, lovable, and loyal little rogues.

A steep learning curve’s always involved for first-time owners though. And one of the most common questions among new owners often pertains to exercise. Have you been wondering ‘how much exercise does a dog need’?

This basic guide to exercising with a dog should reveal everything you need to know.

It Depends…

We’re sorry to say it, but there’s no single answer to this question. The reality is that a wide array of factors come into play that determines how much exercise a dog needs. It can depend on everything from your hound’s breed and size to its age and overall health.

With that in mind, let’s dig a little deeper to help you land on the right answer for your particular pooch.

Bare the Breed in Mind

Different dog breeds have different temperaments and physical characteristics. Working dogs, for instance, are bred for hunting, protection, and/or farming. They’re active by nature and need lots of exercise and stimulation to stay happy (and under control).

That changes when you’ve got a poodle, pug, or bulldog at home though. These pooches have far less energy and require less exercise as a result. Strive to understand the needs of a specific dog breed before you buy one; ensure your current lifestyle can accommodate the amount of exercise they require.

Puppies Always Need More

Puppies, like young children, are renowned for being full of energy. They’ll even rush and zoom around the house at random moments to release it! The result?

They tend to need more exercise than adult dogs. We recommend taking them for regular short walks (these are more suitable for their little legs!), installing a DIY dog fence for letting your dog run around in the garden, and playing lots of games throughout the day. Your pup should remain calmer in the house and cause less trouble in the process.

Adult Dogs Require Less

As a rule of thumb, try to give lively dog breeds (such as border collies) at least an hour to an hour and a half’s hard exercise every day. Oh, and don’t forget to play lots of active games in the garden as well!

However, dogs are like humans in that their energy levels diminish as the years go by. The timing of this decline varies by breed and some stay active for much longer. All the same, you can expect a pooch to need far less exercise as they age and their health gets worse.

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need? Now You Know

How much exercise does a dog need? If you’ve read this post and still feel no closer to an answer, then we suggest speaking to your dog’s vet. Professionals in the field, these guys and gals will tell you everything you need to know.

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