January 17, 2021

11 Unique Cat Toys and Gifts


Almost 50% of Americans own a cat (or several cats) in their home. And cats make truly great companions, and studies have even shown that a cat’s purr can relieve stress and anxiety. But despite being classified as “low maintenance” pets, cats still require attention and things to keep them active. And the best thing to keep them active is by getting them unique cat toys. 

Today we will look at eleven of the best cat toys that will make your cat a happy cat! But before we get into the list, let us take a moment and see what kind of cat toys are the best for our furry friend.

Recommended Types of Cat Toys

If you are a cat lover, then you may have seen your cat play with just about anything. And even though it’s cute, as cats are very curious, they may play with dangerous things. That’s why we should take the time to get unique cat toys that are safe but still fun for them to play with.

Active toys 

Anything that the cat is actively (running, pouncing, biting, scratching) playing with is considered an active toy. An active toy can be balls, cardboard boxes, sisal-wrapped toys, toys with bells in them, or moving toys.

Comfort toys

Interestingly enough, cats can become bonded to a particular stuffed toy. With this stuffed toy, they may cuddle with it, “kill” it or play with it. Depending on the cat’s size, get a stuffed toy that is big enough for them to carry around. Stuffed toys are one of the best gifts for cats!

Catnip Toys

Be sure to test out how your cat reacts to catnip, as some may become very hyper while others become very sleepy. And if you think a catnip toy suits your cat, try to get one that has a small amount of catnip inside of it. You can also use special sprays or oils on their other toys. 

Unique Cat Toys Every Cat Owner Should Get

Based on the previously listed recommended types of cat toys, we have chosen eleven of the best cat toys on the market. And if you don’t own a cat, but you know of someone who does, then surprise them with one of these wonderful cat toys!

  1. Bergan Cat Scratcher

Cat’s need scratchers, and if you can make it into a toy, it makes one of the coolest cat gift ideas. Despite seeming simple, this toy will keep a cat occupied and help them sharpen their claws. It comes with a trackpad with a plastic ball attached to it, and in the middle, there is a scratch pad. 

  1. Moody Pet Fling String

All cats love moving things, so a toy that moves makes the best cat toys. It’s a battery-operated sting-flinging toy, and you only need to hang it on a doorknob and switch it on. Truly an excellent toy for super-active cats!

  1. Go Cat Teaser Wand Toy

One of the most fun, unique cat toys for cats that like to catch things, the Cat Teaser Wand will keep any furry friend busy. It’s made to look like a dangling prey and comes with little bells for extra engagement. It’s a great toy if you like to play with your cat actively.

  1. Hartz Just For Cats

If you have various cats in your home, then a pack of 12 mice toys will suit all of your cats’ needs! Each mouse is colorful and has a furry texture, and they are big enough for your cat to carry in their mouths. Additionally, each mouse has some catnip.

  1. SmartyKat Electronic Motion Cat Toy

If your cat loves chasing bugs or toys around, then this is the toy it needs. It’s combines moving lights, erratic motion, and a feathery toy that moves around. It has two play-speeds, so if your cat is super active, then the high setting will be great, but if it’s a little lazy, the slow setting will be better.

  1. Catnip Mouse Toy

If your cat loves catnip and doesn’t go crazy, then this catnip mouse toy is excellent. Each mouse has just enough catnip to trigger your cat’s inner predator instincts. And it brings three mice, so when one wears out, you have another one ready.

  1. Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

One of the best feline gifts is the Tower of Tracks cat toy. It has three tiers of circular tracks and a brightly colored plastic ball (fixed onto the track). The idea of the toy is for the cat to push the ball up and down the tracks.

  1. SlimeCat Interactive Toy

If you know of a cat that loves to eat, this is one of the most exceptional cat products. This cat toy’s purpose is to make a cat mentally and physically work to get a treat. At the same time, they will have fun running around trying to get the goodies out.

And if you need some extra eating control, consider getting a microchip cat feeder. The specialized cat feeder and the interactive toy will keep your cat at an ideal weight.

  1. 3-Way Cat Tunnel

If your cat already has plenty of little toys, then getting it a cat tunnel is what it needs. Made out of sturdy material, so even if your cats run in and out, they won’t be able to break it. It’s even better for multiple cats, as they can all play inside of it.

  1. Variety Pack Cat Toy

With so many kinds of cat gifts, it’s challenging to know what to get. But with a variety pack cat toy, your cat will have plenty to choose from! The cat pack brings 20 unique cat toys, all of which will keep your cat entertained for a long time.

  1. Cat Maze Toy

By now, you’ve noticed that cats love putting their paws into cracks and holes. That is why the Cat Maze toy is one of the best gifts for a cat, as it has plenty of holes for your cat to poke into. What is even better, you can put toys they already have into it, making them even more engaged.

Which Cat Toy Will You Get?

The possibilities are nearly limitless when looking for unique cat toys. Just be sure they have plenty of toys to play with, as cats are usually very active! 

If you found this post useful, then be sure to check out our other pet-related articles! Without a doubt, you will find them all informative and fun.


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