October 24, 2020

11 Clever Ways to Save Money When on Pet Related Expenses



Thinking about how adopting a new puppy is going to affect your finances is the responsible thing to do. It’s a much better approach than to impulsively bring home a dog and then feel financially overwhelmed. While many pet parents proudly say stuff like “we spare no expense” others adopt a more frugal approach.

When it comes to taking care of dogs, spending more money does not always equal better care. We would rate spending quality time and paying attention to your dog’s health much higher than spending money on expensive dog products. Therefore, if you are planning to raise a dog within a budget, following 11 clever tips are for you.


Adopt a Pet: Needless to say adopting a pet dog is cheaper than buying puppies from a pet store. Apart from paying a small fee, there is no real expense when you adopt a dog. Just head over to the nearest dog pound and give a neglected pooch a loving home. If you have breed specifications, contact shelters that rescue specific breeds. For example, there are foundations and organizations that specifically rescue labradors.

Make Dog Toys at Home: Your dog really doesn’t care if you are throwing it a ragged rope made from used clothes or an expensive rubber chicken. Rope toys and chew toys can easily be fashioned at home.

Spend Money on Preventives: Spending money on vaccines and spot-on worm medications can help you save money that would otherwise go into treating health problems.

Feed Your Dog Home Cooked Meals: Cooking meals at home is not that complicated. Find a ratio of meat and veggies that works for your dog. Once you do, simply pressure cook and serve when cold.

Train Your Dog Yourself: Unless you want your dog to participate in some sort of competition, you can train your dog yourself. Teaching basic commands, such as Sit, Stay, and Come is not only fairly easy but it also provides a great bonding opportunity.

Learn How to Groom Your Pet at Home: A lot of pet parents groom their dogs themselves and you should too if you are trying to save money. Pet saloons are a luxury and thus usually expensive.

Buy Bulk Whenever You Can: When buying food and other products that you know you will need, buying in bulk makes sense. Bulk buying pet food can actually save you 30 to 40 percent when compared to buying small packs of pet food.

Buy Products and Vet Supplies Online: Pet meds and supplies are usually cheaper online. Don’t be afraid to say no to your pet’s vet if he or she is not offering products at a discount. Compare prices and buy vet supplies for dogs online.

Ensure Your Dog Gets Adequate Exercise: Much like spending money on proper preventives, it’s important to give your dog its daily dose of exercise. This will keep obesity at bay and prevent a long list of health ailments.

Keep a Lookout for Free Stuff: Pet parents often give away free stuff like clothing, food, toys, and others. Regularly check Craigslist for these free offerings.

Befriend the Local Butcher: A local butcher is a person who can hook you up with large bones and quality minced meat for your dog. If you buy enough he or she might even throw in a few free stuff for the dog. The butcher can also give you ears, chew bones, and internal organs that no one else wants (but are perfectly nutritious) at a lower price or free.


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