January 16, 2021

10 Things Almost All Animal Lovers Do

by Jade Elouise


In the US alone, approximately 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned. Of course, that’s no surprise: Who doesn’t love animals? However, it’s safe to say that some people are a lot more animal obsessed than others. You might consider yourself a true animal fan, because you love your pets unconditionally and never wear fur. Those are certainly signs that you care a great deal for your furry counterparts. However, if you’re a true pet and wildlife enthusiast, here are 10 things you will almost certainly can relate to.


Defending your pet’s honor

Animals provide us with love, affection and, of course, entertainment! Watching your dog chew his own foot, or your cat chase a laser beam for hours on end, you might jokingly call your pet strange or foolish. While this is fine for you to say (because your pet knows how much you love them), anyone else who insults your pet will have you to answer to!


Conversing with your pets 

All true animal lovers know that pets are just as great to talk to as other people. If you’re an avid pet conversationalist, don’t worry that doesn’t make you weird. In fact, according to behavioral scientist Nicholas Epley, talking to your pets is actually a sign of intelligence!


You choose films based on how cute the animals are

Who doesn’t get drawn in by the cute lopsided grin of a puppy, or the floppy ears of a baby bunny? If your friends get frustrated with you because you chose what to watch based on the animal content, rather than the story line, it’s safe to say you are a true animal lover!


You refuse to watch Marley and Me

Marley and Me, Turner and Hooch, and I am Legend are just a few of the films on your no-go list for movie night, because it’s just too difficult to see any harm come to an animal!


You get distracted by animals

Have you ever been running an errand which was only meant to take 15 minutes, but ended up taking over an hour because you stopped to stroke every dog you passed? If so, you’re not alone! Pretty much every dog enthusiast in the world is right there with you.


You spend hours trying to get the perfect pet selfie

Almost every pet owner in existence knows the struggle of trying to get your pet to sit still long enough to get the perfect photo! Why is it that they always walk away just as you go to take the picture?


Collages of pet photos are a must

When you finally get the perfect pet pictures, you instantly feel the need to collect the cutest ones together on and share them with the world! Free collage builder sites, such as https://spark.adobe.com/make/photo-collage-maker/ , are the perfect tool for such occasions (you’re so welcome)!


You go to the pet store for fun

You might pretend that your hamster needs more food, or you want to get your dog a new toy, but you secretly just go to the pet store to see all the adorable fur-babies!


You constantly ask new people if they have pets

It’s nice to meet new people, but is it really worth getting to know them if they don’t have a pet you can meet too? Debatable.


You identify with animals more than people

Pets are dependable and great companions, so it’s not a surprise that a lot of people prefer spending time with their pets to socializing with other people. The pet that you like to hang out with can also say a lot about you.


If you identified with even a few things on this list, it’s safe to say you are definitely high on the scale of animal lovers. Congratulations, wear your pet passion with pride!


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