10 Cats and Dogs From 2015 Who Stole Our Hearts

Pet Radio has featured many dogs, cats, and other animals whose story touched us. Here are some of my favorites and our choices for Pet Radio’s Pet Stars of 2015:



Freeway the Cat  was rescued from the center divide of a freeway by Richard Christianson. To listen to Richard’s story was enthralling, and Richard’s love for this cat he just met was so touching. Freeway has gone on to have a forever home with Richard and the rest of his fur family.



Munchkin is a senior beagle missing most of his teeth with his tongue hanging out, but that does not stop him from living life to the fullest! Alex Cross shared Munchkins story with us.



Luke and Leia are everyone’s favorite Boxers. We fell in love with their crazy antics and hilarious videos. When we interviewed them we discovered the man behind the dogs.


Pancake  is a two legged cat that will steal your heart. She stole ours!


Sam Has Eyebrows is an internet celebrity with over 500,000 Facebook fans thanks to his unique facial markings that look like large eyebrows. He charmed us with his playful personality

Lee the One and Only is a Long Haired Chihuahua and a Puppy Mill Survivor that spent 8 years in a mill, but now has a loving home.


Preston speaks…and he has lots to say! He is busy as an internet star, model, actor and more! We met Preston and Rachel who keeps him in line!


Emerson is a very special kitty. Emerson was physically abused and his neck was broken and spinal cord damaged. He gets around with a wheel cart and his head is tilted to one side.

Mr Magoo

Mr Magoo

Mr. Magoo may be blind, but he is a survivor from the streets!



Earl the Grumpy Puppy has been compared to Grumpy Cat, but we found him to have his own unique charm!